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Tuna-Stuffed Tomatoes

The question at my house lately is never, “what’s for dinner?” but “how are you fixing the tomatoes?” I have them coming out of my ears, or so it seems, as they arrive regularly from the farm. All are deliciously ripe, sweet and juicy and ready for simply made salads and bruschetta and bubbling sauces for pasta and freezing. And let’s not forget the pure pleasure of lustily devouring one out-of-hand with a trusty saltshaker. Today, tuna-stuffed tomatoes are front and center. I know, it sounds close to boring but wait! These are not your usual supermarket tomatoes filled with scoops of flavorless mayonnaisey goop. No, no, this is really good stuff.

I like to keep the tuna simple, so the glorious farm-fresh tomato can really shine. Just a bit of mayonnaise, some chopped scallions and a generous sprinkling of dried dill is all it takes.

Pick a tomato—any tomato—big, medium, red, orange or yellow and slice away the top and bottom (so it won’t rock or slide on your plate). Scoop out the center and set it on a plate with a few lettuce leaves if you like. Just before serving, fill the tomato with tuna salad (the picky eaters in my family tell me that it’s the best they’ve ever tasted). Let’s face it, tuna fish salad is a bland color—ugly really—so I always finish it off with a sprinkling of chopped green scallions or Italian parsley over the top. The green brings it to life and invites you in.

Sweet ripe tomatoes and perfect tuna fish—now this is simple delicious at its best.
Print copies of Tuna Stuffed Tomatoes and Tuna Fish Salad for your convenience.