Marguerita Castanera, Karen West, Barbara Adams, and Hannah Doughri at the Cooks with Books with Alice Waters event at the Boulevard restaurant in San Francisco, CA.

Cooks with Books' Marguerita Castanera,
Karen West and Hannah Doughri welcome
Barbara Adams to the Alice Waters luncheon.

Alice Waters signs her latest cookbook for a guest at the Cooks with Books event.

Guests get their books signed and chat with the author in a casual, intimate setting.

A beautifully set table at the Cooks with Books event at the Boulevard restaurant in San Francisco.

Beautiful restaurant settings like the Boulevard in San Francisco make for memorable gatherings of food lovers and their favorite culinary authors.














The Cooks with Books Program is produced by The Book Passage in Corte Madera, CA.

Rediscovering the
Table in a Big, Blog World


Chef’s knife, skillet, zester… modem. The internet has become one of a foodie’s essential tools, providing everything we need to pursue our passion, from the latest gadgets to the hottest cookbooks to the most exotic ingredients. But even as we celebrate the boundless potential of culinary cyberspace, one wonders what’s become of the human element behind great food.

Thank goodness for independent businesses, like the Bay Area’s Book Passage, that call us—quite literally—back home for supper. Through their Cooks with Books program, this legendary local bookseller brings together celebrated authors and passionate food enthusiasts for meaningful, face-to-face dialog over, of course, a magnificent meal. Guests gather at one of the area’s many exceptional restaurants to enjoy a menu from the featured book, prepared under the author’s guidance. Attendance is kept low, so that everyone has a chance to get close to the star—and to each other.

These meet-the-author events allow home cooks to learn about their favorite chefs’ philosophies first-hand in an intimate, conversational setting. But there’s another benefit, less obvious and perhaps even more valuable: the opportunity to gather with like-minded members of your community in celebration of a shared passion.

Of course online forums unite like-minded cooks as well—and their value is not to be underestimated. But swapping posts on a message board is a far cry from breaking bread and clinking glasses. In 13 years in business, the Cooks with Books organizers have seen countless friendships sprout, take root and thrive over their tables. And, ultimately, isn’t that type of human connection really what we seek in our pursuit of fabulous food?

The spirit of community infused every moment of a recent Cooks with Books event celebrating Alice Waters, the American hero of local, seasonal and sustainable cuisine. From the local restaurant hosting the event to the local bookstore sponsoring it to the divine local ingredients showcased in each course, every element of the evening paid homage to the bond between food and community.

For Waters, and the growing group of conscious cooks who share her values, drawing a connection between food and community is more than a matter of personal satisfaction. It’s the embodiment a greater life philosophy; the belief that what and how we eat can nurture not just our own bodies, but our community and our environment as well.

Need we abandon our laptops to eat responsibly and rekindle a more human connection to the food we enjoy? Absolutely not. But in our quest for all thing exquisite, let’s remember—as Waters does—that often the greatest delicacies are found in your own backyard, and the greatest discoveries are made at your very own table.

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  Alice Waters signs copies of her latest cookbook at the Cooks with Books event.  
  Alice Waters signed copies of her latest cookbook,
The Art of Simple Food: Notes, Lessons, and Recipes from a Delicious Revolution
  Alice Waters discusses the Edible Schoolyard program with guests at the Cooks with Books event at the Boulevard restaurant in San Francisco.  
  Alice Waters' Edible Schoolyard project inspired lively conversation and many shared stories at her table.  
  Lunch included a sampling of desserts from Alice Waters book, The Art of Simple Food.  
  Dessert included a sampling of recipes from Alice Waters' latest cookbook. Guests enjoyed tangerine ice and gingersnap ice cream sandwiches served with a square of fresh tangerine.