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Make an Emulsion

An emulsion is a mixture of oil-and water-based ingredients, brought together by gradual blending and vigorous stirring. Mayonnaise or aioli—an emulsion of oil, acid, and egg yolks—is the most well known example. Even when prepared correctly, many simple emulsions such as vinaigrette dressings will separate over time, and require vigorous re-blending to restore the correct texture. This is nothing to worry about. Mayonnaise and similar preparations do not separate over time because the eggs act as an emulsifier, preserving the harmonious suspension of oil and water.
  How to Make an Emulsion. 1. Place the base ingredients in a spacious, deep-sided bowl as directed in your recipe.  
  How to Make an Emulsion. 2. Add the oil in a thin, steady stream while whisking the mixture vigorously.  
  How to Make an Emulsion. 3. If at any time the emulsion begins to look “broken” or curdled, stop adding oil and continue to whisk until a smooth texture returns.  
  How to Make an Emulsion. 4. Continue adding oil very gradually until finished.  
  How to Make an Emulsion. 5. Proceed as directed with the recipe.