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Cook Perfect Pasta

The keys to perfect pasta are a nice spacious pot, plenty of salt and careful timing. If you’re serving the pasta with sauce, combine the two on the stove for a few minutes of simmering just before the meal—this ensures that the whole dish is piping hot, with perfectly blended flavors.

  How to cook perfect pasta. 1. Fill a large pot with cold water, place it on your stove, and bring to a boil.  
  How to cook perfect pasta.

2.Add a handful of salt to the pot as it begins boiling. Don't be timid—you want it salty like the Mediterranean sea. The pasta will not absorb all of the salt—just enough to give it great flavor.


  How to cook perfect pasta. 3. Drop your pasta into the boiling water and cook it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The pasta is ready when it is al dente—tender, but with a slight, firm “bite” at the center—not mushy. If you plan to finish your pasta by simmering it for a few moments in its sauce before serving, cook it only until barely tender at this initial stage.  
  How to cook perfect pasta.

4. Scoop out and reserve about a cup of the cooking water to thin your sauce, if required.

Pour the cooked pasta into a colander and drain all excess water. DO NOT rinse the pasta, as you'll remove all the starch that helps the sauce adhere to it.

If desired, add your cooked pasta to its sauce and simmer for a few minutes before serving.


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