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Peel, Pit, and Scoop Avocados

Once mastered, this trick makes it easy to pit and peel a dozen avocados in just a couple of minutes. Use a strong, sharp knife—and be careful!

1. Hold the avocado in your hand stem side up. Insert a sharp knife in to the top and cut downward to the pit.

Move the knife lengthwise around the avocado using the pit as your guide.


  2. Separate the avocado by gently twisting the two halves apart.  

3. Hold the half with the pit in your hand and give the pit a good whack with the sharp blade of your knife.

Twist the knife slightly and lift the pit from the avocado.

Carefully remove the slippery pit from your knife using a paper towel.


  4. Scoop out the flesh by running a spoon around the edge of the avocado  
Barbara Adams Beyond Wonderful Cooking Technique