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Peel and Slice a Cantalope

I like this method for removing melon rind because it keeps the fruit on a flat, stable surface at all times, which reduces the risk of slipping and injury. It is also quicker than peeling slice-by-slice after the melon has been cut. You may feel, at first, that you're losing a lot of fruit along with the rind, but once you become accustomed to the technique your results will improve. This system also works well for pineapples and citrus fruit. (Use a paring knife when peeling smaller fruits.)

  1. Working on a cutting board with a large, sharp knife, place the cantaloupe on its side and slice away either end to create two flat surfaces.  
  2. Stand the melon upright on one of the flat ends, creating a steady base for safe cutting. Place one hand on the top of the cantaloupe for stability, and use the other to slice away the rind in one-inch vertical strips, holding the knife nearly parallel to the fruit as you work.  
  3. Remove the entire rind and then slice the cantaloupe open from top to bottom.  
  4. Scoop out the seeds.  
  5. Place each half of the melon cut-side down on the board for stability and cut as needed into chunks or slices.  

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