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Roast Pasilla Chilies

Use these long green chilies for creating Mexican dishes like Chilies Rellenos and the most wonderful Poblanos Sauce.
  1. Place the Pasilla chilies over a high flame, turning them as they blacken.  
  2. Remove the blacken chilies from the flame  

3. Cover the chilies with a clean towel and let them sweat for 10 minutes.



  4. Remove the chilies from the towel and peel off the charred skin with a paring knife or your fingers. Remove excess pieces of skin with a paper towel.  

5. Make a slit in each chilie and carefully remove the seeds. They are soft and may tear. Don't fret—If making Chilies Rellenos stuff them and close with a toothpick.

Rinse the chilies in cool water to remove any remaining skin bits or seeds.


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