Roasted Beets and
Blood Orange Salad

Juxtaposing earthy beets and sweet, tangy citrus, this easy salad delivers a symphony of color and flavor. Your local farmer’s market is the very best place to find beets in a rainbow of exotic hues.


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4 roasted beets*
2 segmented blood oranges**
4 cups argula or mixed greens***
1 recipe Orange-Tarragon Dressing
. * For maximum color, use a variety of beets—gold, deep purple red, and variegated.** Substitute standard oranges when blood oranges are out of season.*** Find lettuce mixtures in the produce section of your supermarket.

1. Roast the beets.

2. Cool the beets to room temperature and slice them. If using a variety of colored beets, keep them separate so that they won’t bleed in to each other.

3. Peel and segment the oranges.

4. Divide the greens evenly among four salad plates and arrange the beets and orange segments on top.

5. Prepare the salad dressing and serve on the side.

Preparation Time: 
2 1/2 hours includes the roasting and cooling of the beets and the salad preparation.