Cocktail Recipe

Salty as the surf—and just as refreshing—a good Margarita will have you whistling Jimmy Buffet—even if the ocean is nowhere in sight.

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1 1/2 ounce gold sauza tequila
1/2 ounce Triple Sec
3 ounces Margarita mix
1 ounce lime juice*
~ crushed ice cubes
1 lime, quartered
*Try using 1/2 of a large lime or 1 whole small lime for the juice.

1. Moisten the rim of the glass by rubbing it with a wedge of lime.

2. Pour the salt onto a plate, dip the glass in it, and set aside.

3. Just before serving, fill the glass with crushed ice.

4. Pour the tequila, triple sec, Margarita mix, and lime juice into an ice-filled shaker and shake till cold.

4.Strain the Margarita into the salt-rimmed glass, decorate with a lime quarter, and serve.

NOTE: If you want a blended version of this Margarita, put all of the ingredients into your blender and process until slushy.


Preparation Time: 
Several minutes.