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Mango Lassi
Indian Drink Recipe

An authentic mango lassi requires perfectly ripe, tender mangoes. At the market, look for fruit that feels heavy for its size and gives off a sweet, heady perfume.

Produce News from Dan Avakian

Get the latest from our resident produce pro! Find out what's in season, how to pick it... and what to do with it once you get home.

Marie Simmons
Lunch with a Legend

Join us for lunch with the renowned cookbook author.

Tandoori Chicken
Indian Recipe

Tandoori chicken is a roasted dish marinated to perfection in two different sauces. While it is traditionally prepared in a clay oven, this recipe is perfectly designed to be just as moist and flav...

Avocado-Cucumber Sushi Rolls
Japanese Recipe

With the proper tools and a little practice, homemade sushi can be a great activity for the whole family. We’re starting with a basic avocado-cucumber roll, but feel free to add your favorite res...

Chana Masala
Indian Recipe

This spiced chickpea mixture is delicious served with plain rice or, better yet, perfectly cooked basmati rice. Like most Indian food, Chana Masala is even more flavorful when prepared a day or two...

Mousse au Chocolat

Classic chocolate mousse is a must-have classic in your dessert repertoire. This one includes a tantalizing hit of Grand Marnier.


Chocolate-Beet Cake with
Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting

When I made this for my daughter’s ninth birthday, she was afraid her friends would laugh at a cake made with vegetables. But after one bite of the dark, rich chocolate treat, every guest was sol...