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From peeling to juicing to slicing to roasting, discover a million ways to glorify produce.
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  How To Peel and Core Apples.   How To Prepare Asparagus.   How To Roast Beets.  
  Apples—Core, Peel and Slice   Asparagus—Prepare   Beets—Roast  
  How To Blanch Spinach.   How To Prepare Brussels Sprouts.   How To Peel and Slice Cantaloupe.  
  Blanch Vegetables—Spinach   Brussels Sprouts—Prepare   Cantaloupe—Peel and Slice  
  How To Peel Chestnuts.   How to make authentic Mexican Chiles Rellenos with Salsa Especial sauce recipe.   How To Roast Pasilla Chilies.  

Chiles Rellenos—Prepare

  Chilies—Roast Pasilla Chilies  

  How To "Hot Tips"  
  Roast Beets
Roasting is a quick, easy method for preparing beets that brings out their full, earthy flavor. You can use a similar method for cooking carrots, parsnips, and other root vegetables.