Crusty Bread with
Extra Virgin Olive Oil,
Balsamic Vinegar, and
Chili Flakes

Best-quality oil, sweet balsamic, and fiery chiles turn a simple loaf of bread into a culinary event. Just add a bottle of wine, plus a good friend to share it with.


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1 loaf crusty bread, torn or sliced
~1 cup extra virgin olive oil*
~1/2 cup balsamic vinegar
Sprinkling red chili flakes
*Add a bit of variety by using olive oils infused with garlic, basil, or chili.

1. Warm and slice the bread and place in a basket or on a breadboard.

2. Set out two bread plates and pour about 1/ 2 cup of the olive oil into the center of each.

3. Pour the balsamic vinegar into the center of the olive oil.

4. Place the chili flakes into a small dish with a serving spoon and let diners choose the amount of flakes they prefer sprinkled over their oil and vinegar mixture.

5. Dip the bread into the mixture.



Preparation Time: 
Several minutes.