Mai Tai
Tropical Drink Recipe

Created in the 1940’s by Victor Bergeron at the legendary Trader Vic’s restaurant, the Mai Tai has come to represent the exotic island lifestyle—or at least the longing for it! Trader Vic’s secret lies in using the perfect blend of Jamaica and Martinique rum.

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~ shaved ice*
1 ounce Jamica rum
1 ounce Martinque rum
1/2 ounce Orange Curacao
1 lime, juiced
1/4 ounce rock-candy syrup** orSimple Syrup
1/4 ounce French Orgeat syrup***
~ lime peel for decoration
~ mint sprig for decoration
~ pineapple stick for decoration****
*Crushed ice works well in place of the shaved ice.** Rock-candy syrup has just a hint of vanilla and is used to flavor a variety of sweet drinks. It's available at online liquor estores like Liquorama.***This almond flavored syrup boasts hints of rose water or orange-flower water. Find in it stores that sell syrups for flavoring coffee and ices.****Cut decorative pineapple sticks from a fresh fruit. If unavailable, use canned pineapple rounds and cut the sticks lenghwise so that they measures 2 1/2-3-inches long.

1. Chill the glass in the refrigerator, or fill it with ice for several minutes, then discard the ice.

2. Combine the shaved ice, Jamaican and Martinique rums, Curacao, lime juice, rock-candy syrup, and Orgeat syrup in a cocktail shaker. Shake well.

3. Pour the Mai Tai in to a chilled glass and decorate with the lime peel, mint sprig, and pineapple stick—or a pretty umbrella, lime, and a cherry.

Preparation Time: 
Several minutes.