Turkey Bistro Sandwich
Thanksgiving Turkey
Leftovers Recipe

This zesty sandwich began as a vehicle for Thanksgiving leftovers, but you may well find yourself craving it all year long. Fortunately, it’s equally delicious with home-roasted turkey or good quality deli meat.


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1 6-inch piece French baguette, halved
1 teaspoon pesto
1 teaspoon cranberry sauce
3 ounces roasted tukey breast, thinly sliced
2 ounces fontina cheese
~ salt
~ freshly ground black pepper

1. Open the halved baguette and spread one side evenly with the pesto.

2. Spread the cranberry sauce on the remaining half.

3. Place the turkey and cheese on one side of the baguette and top with the remaining half.

4. Serve immediately.

Preparation Time: 
Several minutes with pre-made pesto.