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Hungry for the weekend? So are we!

If you don’t usually check out Beyond Wonderful every week, now you’ve got a reason to. I’m thrilled to announce the July 23rd launch of “Hungry for the Weekend”our new weekly feature for busy home chefs. If you’re looking for inspiration and foolproof recipes that make weekend cooking a breeze, this is the place for you.

Every Wednesday, HFTW will present seasonal dishes with ingredients plentiful in the markets. Some weeks, we may prep for a party—other times, just for ourselves. The main point is to relax and recharge by turning off the cell phone, leaving the job behind and retreating to the simpler world of the kitchen.

First up: six sumptuous desserts that celebrate summer berries in all their plump and juicy splendor. You’ll find a show-stopping trifle, luscious shortcake, fresh fruit pie, French clafouti and two intensely flavored sorbets. Each one is a great excuse to visit your local famer’s market—or your local farm to do your own picking.

A new feature doesn’t launch itself, so it’s been a busy week for the team. Everything begins in the kitchen, where I test and retest to make each recipe sparkle. Next it’s off to the desk of our editor, Elizabeth Ellis. She makes sure the recipes are error-free and easy to use, then gives her stamp of approval. 

The real fun happens on photo day: photographer Windsor Andersen and I decided to set our berry bonanza in my flower-filled garden. After scouting the best locations outside, Windsor arrived in the kitchen armed with plates, bowls and accessories to style each dish. She looked around at what must have appeared as chaos; bowls of berries, trays of shortcake, pies and enough whipped cream to send someone happily into the next world.

Every successful shoot begins with a snack, so Windsor grabbed a spoon and sampled the Very Berry Topping. “Ummmm—that’s summer in a bowl. Let’s start with that.” Once she’d captured the perfect shot of sweet berry sorbet with vibrant purple topping, I popped the bowl back in the freezer for safe keeping while we tackled the rest of the dishes.

Later at twilight, the day’s work done, I returned to the garden with my secret stash of sorbet. The warm, jasmine-scented air was heaven and I savored every berry bite. Sure proof that great seasonal food is truly restorative—even after a 12-hour day!

Get a printable Very Berry Sorbet recipe.